Frequently asked questions - Pond VIP

Can I access ALL of your resources with Pond VIP membership?

No. Pond VIP has been created to access newly made printables. We will not be adding any previously published resources.  After a new resource is added to the library, it will remain for 4 weeks only before being removed.  Please visit our TpT store using the "SHOP" link at the top of the page for our complete range.

Can I share the downloads with my colleagues?

No. Each teacher using the printables will need their own membership login. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more details.

Can I access resources that were in the library before I joined?

No. You will only have access to resources currently listed in the library, which have a 4 week life span. If you happen to miss a download that was available in the VIP library at any time during your membership,  simply contact us and we can help.

Am I locked in to the subscription?

Not at all.  You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Do I receive a refund if I cancel my subscription part-way through a billing cycle?

Not for monthly subscriptions.  Monthly subscriptions are paid for the month in advance and refunds will not be paid if a subscription is cancelled part way through a monthly billing cycle.  

For cancellation of annual subscriptions, refunds will be processed and paid on a monthly pro-rata basis from the time of the last annual charge.

If I cancel my subscription, will I still have access to the VIP resource library until the end of the current monthly billing cycle?

No. Cancelling your subscription will immediately block you from accessing the resources in the VIP library. If you intend to cancel, but would still like access to resources until the end of your current billing cycle, you need to wait until the day or days just before your monthly subscription is charged. Check back to your last emailed receipt from us, or your card account statement to confirm the date each month that the subscription is scheduled to be charged.

Is the payment system safe and secure?

Absolutely.  We use an online payment processing system called Stripe, which handles billions of dollars every year for internet-based businesses around the world.  Visit their website directly if you would like to know further details.

Why can't I pay using Paypal?

Our Pond VIP membership system is managed by Memberspace, which currently only integrates with Stripe for credit card or debit card payments.  We will update this page if this situation changes in the future.

Why does the amount charged to my card appear as different from the displayed subscription price?

The displayed subscription price is in US dollars (USD).  Stripe, in conjunction with your card issuer, will automatically convert that amount to your home currency if it is not USD.  Your financial institution may also charge foreign currency processing fees as part of the transaction if applicable.  (Australian teachers please note,  we have a separate Pond VIP Australia plan for you to sign up to that is charged in Australian dollars.)