Frequently asked questions - Pond VIP Affiliates

How do I join the Pond VIP Affiliate program?

Becoming an affiliate is easy and free. Just click HERE to complete the signup process with our third party partner, Rewardful.

Do I need to be a Pond VIP member to become an affiliate?

No. Pond VIP is not for everyone. However you may know someone who would love it. For that reason, anyone can become a Pond VIP Affiliate.

How do I refer people to Pond VIP?

When you complete the Rewardful signup process, you will have your own personal Pond VIP signup link that you can provide to friends, associates, or social media followers. Successful referrals MUST sign up using that link for it be credited to you to earn your commission.

How long is the signup link active?

From the time a potential referral first clicks the link you send them, they have 30 days to sign up in order for it be credited to you.

How do I get paid?

In order to receive your commission payments, you need to have an active Paypal account. You enter the email address linked to your Paypal account during the signup process. Payments will be made in either American or Australian dollars depending on which Pond VIP plan the member joins.

If you don’t have an active Paypal account, you can visit their website HERE.

How often do I get paid?

Commissions are paid monthly no later than the 15th day of the month. For commissions earned on Pond VIP subscriptions paid annually, they will be split into 12 monthly amounts.    

Here’s the great thing! You will continue to get paid monthly commission for as long as that person remains a Pond VIP member.

How do I know how much I will get paid each month?

The Rewardful system will notify you by email each time you are credited for a successful Pond VIP member signup. You also have your own affiliate login with Rewardful that contains a dashboard to track your referrals. The dashboard also tells you the status of your commissions as paid or unpaid.

What happens if a Pond VIP member that I referred cancels their membership?

You will no longer receive commission payments relating to cancelled subscriptions. If they happen to sign up again in the future, you will no longer receive the credit for it unless they sign up again using a new link sent by you.

What happens if a Pond VIP member defaults on a subscription payment?

Commissions will only be paid on Pond VIP subscriptions that we receive. Therefore, if a Pond VIP member’s payment details are rejected, commissions will be held pending receipt.

Do you have any resources you can provide to help me promote Pond VIP as an affiliate partner?

Not at this time. The affiliate program is still new. But watch this space!