Regular mugs, tall mug, travel mugs - we have you covered! Covered in cute that is! Enjoy your next warm beverage with a touch of the Pond!


Record your lovely thoughts and doodles in a very special (and cute) journal!

Tote Bags

Arrive cute and bright no matter where you go with one of our adorable totes.



Make your learning space or home come to life with our soft cuties!

Spiral notebooks

Making notes never felt so good. Notebook lovers, you will adore these cuties!

T Shirts

Make a cute and happy statement with our bold and bright designs. Available in a range of styles. Contact us for a new design.



Stick some cuteness anywhere!

Framed Prints

Up on your wall, one of our cute designs will be the perfect finishing touch to any fun, happy space!

Device Covers

Wrap up your devices in cuteness!