Tips for printing our files

From time to time we get questions about the print results of our pdfs. These tips and tutorials may assist.

Always print one test page from a document first, so you can identify issues.


  • download your pdf and move it to a new folder location on your computer, do not try to print from download location

  • if the pdf is zipped in a compressed (zipped) folder with other items, you may need to ‘unzip’ it - for most computers this is a right click and select ‘unzip’ or ‘extract all’

  • open the pdf from the unzipped folder before you try to print


  • open the pdf in the latest version of Adobe Acrobat or similar

  • make sure your pdf software is up to date

Print as image

Paper Size

  • different countries have different appear sizes, to ensure any download you find on the web prints for you, print using fit to page or similar from your print settings


  • when editing our editable Powerpoint files, save a new copy so you have a back up

  • use ‘duplicate slide’ function to add more pages of the same content (great for name tags etc)

  • if printing images is a problem, try converting the Powerpoint file to a pdf before printing

If you continue to have printing problem, please do not hesitate to contact us.