What are Math Activity Packs?

  • a pdf file containing 5 printable math activities for a specific skill in math instruction

  • we often refer to them as Math Packs

Where can I find them?

What are the features of Math Packs that make them so popular?

  • fun and engaging for students

  • skill development is embedded into the ‘fun’ parts

  • 5 activities in each pack - perfect for introducing one activity each day of the week

  • sequenced learning to scaffold skills gradually

  • perfect for small groups of learners but you can use them as a platform for a whole class introduction

  • a follow-up or recording worksheet is provided for each activity

  • a set of ‘game instructions’ is included for each activity

What grades do Math Packs cover?

  • see the overview below for a suggested guide, although we always recommend using resources flexibly in a differentiated classroom

Do I have to teach from the packs in order?

Absolutely not! You can dip in and out of the packs as you need for the skills you are teaching. We numbered them to give you a sense of the flow, but they are great as stand alone collections as well.

Do they cover an entire curriculum?

The packs will complement most curriculums. We have included skill areas that can be best taught with printable game-style activities. Some areas of geometry and measurement are better served with hands-on practical activities with real-world objects - we will not be covering them in this series.